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Booking Software for Dentistry

Efficient booking system for appointments with your dentist, orthodontist, and other practitioners in the dental clinic. Customer Relationship Management for Dentistry.


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CRM for online dental bookings

Enjoy the convenience of the EasyWeek application for dental surgeries. Online booking for appointments, useful diary, and dentist timetable. No clashes and monotony.

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Online Appointment Booking

Allows patients to book and manage appointments online at their convenience.

Dental Services List

Detailed description of all the dental services provided by the clinic.

Patient Records Management

Keep track of patient's dental records and history for better treatment planning.

Payment Processing

Secure online payments for dental services rendered.

Reminders and Notifications

Automated reminders about upcoming appointments and important updates.

Feedback and Reviews

Patients can share their experience and provide valuable feedback.

Arrange a phone call with your personal manager

Take advantage of a personal consultation with our specialist.

How it works
Arrange a phone call with your personal manager
Data Protection

We process your data in line with worldwide and European safety regulations, including PCI DSS, SSL, and GDPR.


We do not trade or pass on your data and your customer's data to other organisations.

How does it function?

Utilise EasyWeek to boost your booking counts without any bother.

Step 1
Describe your company

Provide all the essential information about your company that will attract customers and encourage them to book your services.

Step 2
Integrate EasyWeek into your business

Keep things running smoothly by integrating EasyWeek with programs you already use, such as GA4 and others.

Step 3
Launch the online booking

Place our booking widget and the link in all your channels to receive bookings at the same time!

Step 4
Evaluate your business growth

Get detailed analysis of bookings, staff workloads and other information to help you identify the best areas to grow your business.

Personal organiser for configuration
Telephone guidance for configuration
We'll respond to any queries
Round-the-clock assistance
Stay coordinated from any gadget

Our system functions on mobile phones, tablets, and via the web version. Possibility to handle bookings whilst on the move!

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Craft your success narrative with EasyWeek!

Rated {score} stars

Loved by 10,000+ businesses for easy online booking.

Rated {score} stars

Can't fault EasyWeek, it's been a true game changer for my beauty salon. Makes bookings a piece of cake and my clients love it too. Just wish I'd found it sooner!

applestoreJackie SmithBeauty Salon
Rated {score} stars

Top-notch service! EasyWeek has revolutionised our booking system. No more double bookings or scheduling conflicts. It's a game changer, I tell ya! Can't recommend it enough.

playmarketOliver TaylorGym
Rated {score} stars

Brilliant system, this! Before EasyWeek, me diary was a right mess. Now, it's all sorted. Customers can book online, I get a notification, and that's it. No more double bookings or missed appointments. It's the dog's bollocks!

getappJames TaylorDog Grooming Service
Rated {score} stars

Since we started using EasyWeek for our appointments, everything's been a breeze. No more manual record-keeping and the automated reminders have significantly reduced missed appointments. Chuffed to bits with this service!

twitterLiam SmithDentistry
Rated {score} stars

Brilliant system! Saves me so much time managing bookings for our car hire business. EasyWeek is a lifesaver, mate!

trustpilotLiam BakerCar rental
Rated {score} stars

I'm using EasyWeek for a few months and it's been good. I can manage my bookings without any fuss. It's a bit tricky at first but once you get used to it, it's a piece of cake. It's helped me streamline my business. Pretty happy with it.

applestoreEmma JohnsonBeauty Salon
Rated {score} stars

Good booking system, but had a few teething problems when we first implemented it into our fitness studio. The support team were helpful though and we got things sorted.

g2Katie MillsFitness Studio
Rated {score} stars

My dental clinic has never been more organized. EasyWeek has made appointment setting a breeze. There are a few things I'd like them to improve on, but overall, it's a top-notch service.

getappLaura BrownDental Clinic
Rated {score} stars

Absolutely brilliant! EasyWeek has transformed how we manage our bookings. It's super easy for our clients to book their classes and we've seen an uptick in attendance since we started using it. Highly recommend!

getappSophie JohnsonYoga Studio
Rated {score} stars

I'm in love with this app! It has made appointment scheduling so much easier. Now, I don't have to worry about double-booking or missing an appointment. It's a life saver for my salon. Highly recommend it!

g2Lucy HarperBeauty Salon
Frequently Asked Queries

Struggling to find a solution? Give a shout to our amiable crew.

How can EasyWeek assist my dentistry practice in the UK?

EasyWeek can enhance your dentistry practice in the UK by simplifying the process of booking appointments. It's an uncomplicated and efficient tool that lets your patients reserve their appointments online, thus decreasing missed appointments and boosting patient satisfaction. Moreover, with EasyWeek, you can control your timetable, monitor patient details, and automate reminders.

Is EasyWeek compliant with data protection laws?

Yes, EasyWeek ensures that all data, including personal health information, is stored securely and compliant with UK's Data Protection Act. We understand the importance of data privacy and security in the healthcare industry.

Can I integrate EasyWeek with my existing office management software?

Yes, EasyWeek offers integrations with various popular office management software. This allows you to synchronise your calendar, client data, and other important information.

Can patients book appointments outside of office hours?

Yes, with EasyWeek, your patients can book appointments 24/7. This gives them the flexibility to book whenever it's most convenient for them, and it reduces the workload on your front office staff.

How does EasyWeek manage cancellations and rescheduling?

EasyWeek provides flexible cancellation and rescheduling options. Patients can conveniently cancel or reschedule their appointments online. You have the option to establish your preferred cancellation policy, and EasyWeek will automate the process for you.

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