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EasyWeek is your ideal tool for efficient booking management, payment tracking, and analytics to support your business growth and success.

Introducing EasyWeek

EasyWeek is a top-notch online booking platform based in Germany. The venture was initiated in 2019 as a startup division in the Awescode company. It rapidly made its mark as a trustworthy provider of pioneering digital solutions for a variety of sectors. Our mission is to aid in the digital prosperity of business.

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AWESCODE launched EasyWeek to meet the demand for online booking.

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The first version of EasyWeek was released, and testing began in real companies.

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Hundreds of ideas for service improvement were adopted. A free tariff was introduced.

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The growth reached 300% within a year, successfully processing over 1 million bookings.

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Just six months later, there were already 2 million bookings and 23 million notifications for customers.

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The team expanded to 30 people. EasyWeek entered new markets.

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EasyWeek underwent rebranding, the website was updated, and the infrastructure was improved.

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The platform processes over 1 million bookings monthly. EasyWeek is constantly evolving, and we, the EasyWeek team, tirelessly work on improvements.

Behind every brilliant product is a robust team

We trust that the triumph of the firm rests in our crew, and we are concentrated on drawing in and maintaining talent.

Behind every brilliant product is a robust team

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Split your work between Düsseldorf and a remote location. We're always thrilled to welcome dynamic and skilled individuals prepared to enhance our online booking system.

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